What I want my girls to remember | Annapolis Photographer

What I want my girls to remember | Annapolis Photographer

Sometimes I wonder if I am getting it right… this parenting gig. I want to raise kind humans, who stand up for what is right, and work hard and treat everyone fairly. There are some days that I think its getting through to them, the thing I teach them actually seem to click, and then other days where I’m just not sure I am doing this right. I get frustrated, other days I fear that my actions speak louder then my words… but then I step back for a moment and I see it all for the bigger picture, I think Im doing just fine. The most important things….. they are getting them.

When they look back, I want them to remember…


we say I’m sorry, and sometimes this means that I am the first to apologize to them.

kindness should always win…

mommy and daddy work hard to provide for our family but that we always take time to play and have fun.

sisters should always hold hands, giggle, and tell secrets… and that sometimes you wont want your little sister in your room but you should let her anyway.

mommy’s cooking sometimes sets off the smoke alarm, but you shouldn’t get too used to the sound.

Not all days are magical but there are magical moments in all days

you just have to let the little things go… especially a toddler writing on the walls with a pen that her big sister shouldnt have given her

pens should be stored in cases that close.

Ice cream fixes everything, and even if your little sister pukes all over the ice cream shop after she shoves a spoon too far down her throat, its still a good night.

Staying up late past bedtime to catch fireflys, and roast smores is important, but that you might cry a little more if you’re up too late.

Sometimes daddy goes to the store and forgets whats on the list, and we forgive him… even if the list only had 2 things on it.

Mommy loves to run through the sprinkler in her clothes, even though she says she doesn’t and daddy picks her up and helps her to remember how much she likes it.

There are nights that call for dessert for dinner

Bible stories are sometimes lost in translation when a 6 year old retells them, as long as the point gets across then its worth it.

a disney movie on a cell phone can make restaurant dinners better…

catching frogs in the backyard might gross out mommy but she will still take a photo of you doing it.

Dont bring frogs from the backyard into the house and let them go on the floor, you might miss your plans trying to find said frog.

carnival goldfish dont last long, especially when you feed them 6 meals in their first day.

Anything you can do with your sister is better then doing it alone.

Water gun fights in the backyard always end with with someone crying

Mommy will cry when daddy pours freezing cold water on her after a water gun fight.

Steaks on the grill is the official smell of summer

daddy is a super hero

Especially when he chases the raccoon out of the trashcan

Sleeping in mommy and daddys bed is the best

even though mommy says you are hard to sleep with she loves it.

Childhood summers are never mean to end!

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  • Genny Kishwel - This is so true! As parents it’s so important to raise tiny humans into compassionate strong adults and it can be so scary! What a great read! Love seeing your Annapolis Photographer work always!ReplyCancel

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