Wedding Wednesday| Timelines | Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Wedding Wednesday| Timelines | Annapolis Wedding Photographer

As an Annapolis Wedding Photographer who has shot 100 + weddings I have had the opportunity to experience many different types of weddings. From traditional to contemporary, religious, and so many more. I have seen families incorporate special traditions, and some completely make up new ones…. and while Wedding days may seem like they are all the same, they are all VERY much different. They all have different themes, and vibes, decor, and each Bride has a different vision for how her day will turn out, and what is important to her. What does not change though, and is the same for EVERY. SINGLE. WEDDING. is the need for a well thought out timeline. Not just a list of the order for your special events, but an actual timeline that has been put together in such a way that it allows time for each event to take place and lets everyone know where they should be, and what they should be doing.

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As part of your Wedding Experience with Sarah Michele Photography we will spend time together planning out your timeline. You will be given some questionnaires to fill out for me, and then after that we will set up a time to talk. We will go over everything pertaining to your wedding day from the moment you wake up in the morning until the final farewell of the day. We can then walk through each event, and determine how much time will be needed for your family portraits, Bridal Party portraits, and your tender, intimate couple shots. This way on the day of your wedding there is no guessing or hoping everything will turn out right. We have purposefully walked through your days events and discussed each aspect and how it will play out an effect your photography for the day. This way you will know where I will be and what to expect of me, and in return I will know where you should be and you will know what I will expect as well. This helps ease family members minds as to where and when to show up for portraits, and when they can enter the cocktail hour, and even helps things flow better for your other vendors. A Wedding timeline is something your wedding MUST have, you just simply cannot do without it.

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I believe proper planning is a must to execute any large event, especially a wedding, and a timeline is one more way you can rest assured your wedding day will run even more smoothly, so that you can spend more time enjoying your day and partying with your guest,  rather then last minute things that could pop up during your day.

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Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Wedding Wednesday Timeline | Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Sarah Michele photography, is a husband wife wedding photography team serving Brides and Grooms in Annapolis Maryland and surrounding areas, as well as available for travel and destination weddings. 

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