Wedding Wednesday Why Husband Wife Team | Annapolis Wedding photographer

Wedding Wednesday Why Husband Wife Team | Annapolis Wedding photographer

Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Maybe you are wondering why with Kyle joining me Full time at SMP that we decided to transition into a Husband, Wife Annapolis Wedding Photographer Team. Is it helpful? What are the reasons? Why not just keep the SMP girls? I thought you would want to know why we have decided to make this change. A change that if you have not already noticed I am ecstatic about… I mean, who wouldn’t want to work with their best friend! Some people may not be as excited about working with their spouse and I get that, I really do. Everyone has a different type of relationship, and not all couples can work easily together.. and if that is you, no worries, I don’t think this set up is right for everyone. For us, it just works….. we are excited! We are excited to meet all of our SMP brides and grooms in 2017 and 2018, and to serve them on their wedding day….. to celebrate with them, laugh with them, and capture the memories of their day!

My husband has been working with me for many years…. as he could. His full time career working for the government involved demanding hours, many times over the weekends which is when I shoot most Weddings… so He would come along with me when he could, and worked behind the scenes to help me as much as he could. I have trained him in all of his photography skills, and he takes many of the images you see of me and my girls. Now that he has joined me full time, we have had the chance to work on some pretty exciting things….. and we get to spend alot of time together in in the office!

We have always had a pretty laid back relationship… and get along so easily…. we have been through some tough time so maybe that makes it easier? I’m not quite sure what I would say to you after working together for a year, but I don’t think I will say much different… working with my best friend is already a dream come true.

My husband and I just celebrated our TENTH wedding anniversary……. that seems so crazy even to say, that we’ve been married for that long, but we have.. and while not everyday was easy we have built such a great foundation for the many years ahead. We work hard on our marriage…. we have realized you cant just “be Married” and be HAPPILY married… without putting in the work. Sometimes that means giving more then you think you can, or really serving the other person.. sometimes that means putting the other persons needs before yours, and sometimes it means REALLY carving out TIME for the other person. Date night is a high priority of ours, with two small children its not always as easy to run out for a date night, so we get creative and do at home date nights… like sushi dates, movie nights, and game nights…. we are far from perfect, nor have it all together… but having gone through some pretty tough times….. Depression, pregnancy loss, infertility, traumatic birth of a child, car accidents, work injuries, and a few other crazy life situations we have learned that together we can do so much more when we are pressing into God, our faith, and working together…. even praying for each other.

We have now become incredibly passionate about marriages and seeing them last, and cultivated into incredible relationships. We love serving, and we love serving together… we love to meet our SMP Bride and Grooms and get to know them, and watch their relationships grow, to encourage them, and stand beside them when they need support…. so it only made sense to become a Husband and Wife Photography team.

Together, we get the opportunity to get to know you all, and create friendships with you all, and better serve our clients, both on their wedding day, during their portrait sessions, and in the office preparing contracts, welcome kits, files, and galleries!

We also love to travel, so traveling together to shoot weddings also sounds pretty incredible….. We are now opening up our booking schedule for out of town weddings, and destination weddings… and we have quite a bucket list of places we are dying to capture some gorgeous weddings. If you are reading this and planning a destination wedding or a wedding in another state, or know someone who is…. we would love to chat with you!

Working as a husband and wife wedding team will also allow us a bit more flexibility with timeline, and I will always (Unless he is unavailable) know who my second shooter is going to be! He will go with the groomsmen, and I will remain with the bride until it is time to meet up! Generally during the first look!

I am so excited to see the opportunities and excitement this next year doing business together brings us….. I am also so excited for so many incredible weddings booked in the next two years…… eeeeekkkkk!!!! Gorgeous Brides, Beautiful venues, stunning dresses….. we cannot wait to be there and serve you on your magical day!

Wedding Wednesday Why Husband Wife Team | Annapolis Wedding photographer

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  • Amanda - Great post! I’m sitting back and grabbin my popcorn as I watch you and Kyle become the best power couple ever! (Not that you weren’t before!)
    So excited for you guys ???ReplyCancel

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