We are Staying

We are staying Annapolis Wedding photographer

So remember that time we talked about how we were moving, well….. we are not! We are staying put!!!!!

We are actually pretty stoked about it. I am very happy with this plan! It’s a long story, but, we know what God worked it all out for us and this really is the best option for our family, and our business. So the house where we currently live, where the SMP studio resides, will continue to be home for us!

Do you want to know the even more exciting part about that? I can start adding to my Pinterest list of projects again. You see, I am a dreamer. I am constantly coming up with new ideas, making new plans, and creating lists. I love house projects, and yard projects. Since our house is only a little over 5 years old it really doesnt have any “fixer ¬†upper” needs, but I have tons of ideas… some have already been carried out… like my husband building the rolling Barn Doors for my studio, and our painted strip wall, and recessed lighting.. but now that we are staying, so many more things are about to happen… and the good part? I plan to take you along with us on the adventure! Yes, thats right, as rooms are completed and projects are finished I will blog about them to keep you up to date!

We really love this house, with a wooded lot, finished basement, fenced in backyard.. its the perfect place to raise our babies, entertain friends, run our business, and do life. Speaking of doing life….. we like to think we do it up pretty well. It’s not often this house is quiet.. there are usually cookouts, parties, workshops, meetings, home groups, bonfires, and parties happening here… we enjoy doing life!

So as much as moving into a brand new house may have been fun, staying here is where my heart is, we love this house and the memories we have made here and are excited for the new memories to be made… like this little nugget and her sink bath obsession!

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  • Mom - Keep me in the loop ! I don’t want to miss any of it.
    xoxo ?ReplyCancel

  • Kellie - Hand waving in the air ? for you to invite us over to these parties and cookouts! I love your house and the rolling barn doors are so dreamy. Tell the hubs when we finally buy our home I’m going to be begging him to build one for me ! Maybe he could start a business making such awesome things!ReplyCancel

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