What I want my girls to remember | Motherhood Post

What I want my girls to remember | Motherhood Post

There is so much that goes on every day. Our lives are a constant struggle of trying to be everywhere and do everything and slowing down to enjoy the moment. I fall into the trap often, thinking that the more things we do the more fun my girls will have. I have learned this just is not true. When you are too busy, you cannot always make lasting memories. Now, I clearly dont mean you should stop all the things you do and stay inside of your home, unless that is what you enjoy. For me it is.. re-evaluating. Realizing the things we Need to do, and separating them from the things we really do not need to do. I am a people person, and enjoy being on the run. I like doing things and going places, and meeting new people. The tiny little people who follow me around for all of those things have expressed that they enjoy a slower pace. As my girls grow up I want them to remember the TIME that I spent with them, the THINGS that we did TOGETHER.

Some days I have just been pushing my to do list to the side and snuggling my girls. Sure I have a business to run, and it does take alot of my time, and it is very important to me, but, my girls are far more important. I want them to look back and remember that even though mama was a busy business woman, that she took time to just BE with them, to snuggle them, and read to them, and not always be working.

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Lately I have reevaluated my mission and purpose, and the values for which I build my business around. One of them is being more present, and REALLY sticking to my business hours. You see because of my line of work, I work on the weekends alot.. this is when most people get married or have large events, I also work around the dinner time hours quite often. Because of this, enforcing my office hours, as well as only booking on the preset openings in later afternoon and weekends has become a must for me. Its hard as a small business owner to tell your clients that you cannot fulfill their request to schedule after hours, but I have always and will always stick to my values of family first. My family must always KNOW they come first in my life, after all they are WHY I do this, they are the reason why I walked away from my career in the medical profession to pursue something different. I wanted more time with them, I wanted flexibility, and to be home more.

By reminding myself of my core values, that helps me to build boundaries, and they keep me in check. I have also learned that, my clients fully respect me for making these decisions and most times honor my requests for extra response time if needed, or understand when I tell them that I simply cannot meet their request for after hours scheduling. I am beyond thankful for the clients that I have that understand the importance of family.

Part of that flexibility that I wanted when building my own business allows us to travel and take trips more often then if I still worked at the hospital. Sometimes taking trips with my family is a sacrifice… there are quite a few things that we as a family have agreed on not doing, or buying, or spending on so that we can enjoy trips together. Sometimes these are Day tips, or just a quick overnight, other times we go for longer trips. My 6 year old talks non stop about the trips after we return home. She recently has enjoyed museums, and art centers. This is great because they can be day trip.. but this summer we may go to a few museums that are a bit farther away. (If you know of any great ones that are kid friendly please share). I tend to believe you can always make more money you cant always make more memories once the time is gone… so .. I will spend my time making memories.

While I am trying to make memories and enjoy trips with my girls, as a business woman… I have to remind myself.. to.. JUST.STEP.AWAY. That its ok to go off the grid for a bit to be present with them. You may recall a post a while back about when I decided to give up my addition to my cellular device to be able to be more present with my girls, and I have seen so much growth and positive reactions from that…. doing that on vacation is just as important.

As my girls grow I want them to enjoy so many things, to have adventures, and to learn great lessons…. but most importantly I want them to remember…..

That mama didn’t yell she talked through her frustration……something I ask God to help me with each day…… That mama was devoted to her time with God, and spend time praying for her family each day……some mornings its just soooo hard…. that I cared…. not just for my family but everyone around me……. That I loved their father and respected him…… my prayer is that I can learn to show him the respect and love he needs and in turn it causes him to love me right through the things that might be a bit unlovable…. That I made time for them… that I prayed for them…. that I loved to cuddle them… and plant kisses all over their faces…. That I thanked God for them daily, and did my best to lead their little hearts to Jesus.

These are the things I want them to remember and carry onto the next chapter of life with them. I am not good at any of these things… I fail at them, I get busy, I prioritize the wrong way.. but slowing down, not being so busy has allowed me to find more time to ask God for help to complete each of these things…. have you tried slowing down and enjoying the moment? What positive changes have you seen from it?


What I want my girls to remember | Motherhood Post

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