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I am so excited to have some of the SMP girls take over the blog and share there interests and those things that excite them and that they love… the following post is written by the newest member of the team, Melissa who has traveled to Disney more times then I can count and has actually planned a few trips for others headed there, so if you are planning a disney vacation or just dreaming about one consider these tips…. 


There is nothing more rewarding then having a much deserved vacation. On the other hand, there is nothing more devastating when poor planning makes that vacation take a sour turn. Disney World has owned a little piece of my heart ever since my first visit. From the monorail, to the castle, to the Mickey shaped ice cream there is nowhere more magical (no but really) then Disney World. But with recent changes to Disney vacations more and more planning is needed to have a truly fantastic vacation.

Well that is where I am here to help! Over the years I have learned a thing or two from planning vacations, honeymoons and anniversary trips to the house of mouse. And the key to having the perfect Disney vacation, is to PLAN the perfect Disney vacation. Over the next few weeks I will walk you through the six steps of planning a Disney vacation.

So let’s get started with step one!


Some of you might say “Well this is hopeless I only have one week off and we have to go that week” and that is absolutely fine! Any Disney vacation is better than no Disney vacation! But let’s have a breakdown of options and reasons you may want to move your trip to another date.


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The weather in most cases can make or break a vacation. But Orlando is tricky and a bit different. Simply put it will be hot. It could be cold. And it WILL rain. Also, keep in mind that hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th. And of course this does not mean you should not go during those dates, it just simply means you may want to consider travel insurance. The most “pleasant months” in Florida are October through early May. Now although these months are considered “nice” out does not mean you will not get a week of 95 degree weather or a few afternoons of 50 degree breezes; it just means you have the chance of not sweating your way through the parks.

And now for rain. Florida, due to its’ location is no stranger to rain. Most of the time it is sunny yes, but a rain storm is not ever far. It normally rains for 20-40 minutes and then it is bright and sunny again. This may be seen as a problem, but pack a few dollar store ponchos and be on your way to the parks for the day. Here’s a link for activities at Disney to do during the rain but also remember that each park has many covered show locations and line queues to keep you dry, and of course LOTS of shops.

Planning a Disney Vacation | Annapolis Wedding Photographer


Now, crowds are not a problem if you set up your touring plans well, but going during a low crowd time could mean SIGNIFICANT less wait times in lines. Leaving work or pulling your kids from school may be difficult but remember it is difficult for everyone; so summer months and breaks are the MOST crowded the parks will ever be. For more info of monthly happenings at Disney and a breakdown of crowd levels month by month check this out but remember that even if the only week you can go has the highest crowd levels you can plan your trip well and beat the crowds.

Planning a Disney Vacation


Going to Disney can be expensive, but there are some ways to save and one of them is the times you travel. If you fly, try and do it on a Tuesday or Wednesday as those are when the cheapest flights are offered. Also Disney has special promotions like free dining and 30% room discount. Here is a link to the past Disney World promotions as this can be a great guide as Disney likes to repeat itself with deals and discounts. Furthermore, there are many other ways to save money at Disney that we will discuss later, but always make sure you book about 190 days out. And EVEN if you book and later a deal comes out you can ALWAYS call and take advantage of the deal.

Hopefully this helps you choose YOUR perfect time to travel to Disney and next time we will discuss step two of the planning process, choosing WHERE to stay!

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