Meet Reed | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

Meet Reed | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

Reed Carter was such a sweet heart, I loved my time with him and his parents. They brought him to the studio just a few days after he was born and he was pure sweetness. So easy to pose, and a happy little guy.. who loved being snuggled especially by his mama! We moved him along through his poses and set ups and his did such a wonderful job, slept most of the time, and woke up a few times to eat.

speaking of eating, I love hearing from mamas that their baby is eating well, but this isnt always the case. If you are a new mama struggling with feeding issues both from bottle or nursing, please dont get discouraged or feel as though you are the only one. Many new moms and new babies struggle to get their baby to latch well, or nurse well, or take a bottle without it all coming back up. I see it daily in my studio and to those moms… I want to say … You are doing a wonderful job, you have got this, dont let yourself get discouraged. Take some time out just for you if you need it, and then try again. You and this sweet new baby, although you both know each other the best, you are both basically strangers to each other.. it may take a bit to figure this whole thing out and thats ok! New mamas new all of the support they can get, and often dont get it… being a mama can be tough.. but I bet you are doing a fabulous job it!

Now back to sweet Reed, I could have snuggled this little guy all day long, which is after all my very favorite part of my job is all of the sweet newborns that I have had the opportunity to photograph and snuggle and hold…. what could be sweeter!

Meet Reed | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

Sarah michele photography specializes in Newborn, Family, and Wedding Photography in the Annapolis Maryland and surrounding areas.

Annapolis Newborn Photographer Annapolis Newborn Photographer Annapolis Newborn Photographer Annapolis Newborn Photographer Annapolis Newborn Photographer Annapolis Newborn Photographer Annapolis Newborn Photographer

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