Meet Harper Hope : Glen Burnie Newborn Photographer

Meet Harper Hope : Glen Burnie Newborn Photographer-

Isn’t that name just gorgeous? As a newborn photographer I hear lots of baby names, when I first heard Harper Hope I couldn’t get it out of my head, its so beautiful and Its a name that sounds great for a child and adult alike, unlike some names that sound better for a child or too mature for a baby, this is perfect, and it fits this darling girl just right. Harper has a photographer for a mama, who is also a creative at heart, there were sooo many ideas prior to meeting for her session, Harper had some other ideas though she wanted to be held, and nursed, and rocked.. she has a strong personality already! While I sure do love posing tiny baby booty’s up in the air with their little legs tucked up like a froggy underneath of them, I quickly learned that Miss Harper wanted to be held, and snuggled up so well in her daddy’s arms. As soon as we got her nice and warm and cozy with daddy, and then again with mommy, she was as happy as could be, she even flashed many smiles my way. Once I started seeing the images we were getting with her pretty smiles all wrapped up in love from her parents I’m pretty sure I didn’t want her images any other way. This girl is so incredibly loved, and its easy to tell she was just the perfect fit for this family who already have a big brother to take good care of his tiny baby sister, and of course teach her how to drive trucks and trains, and make lots of fun messes! Sweet Harper, I look forward to your 6 month session! As a newborn Photographer I get so excited when my clients book sessions like Watch Me grow and belly to baby as I get the chance to see them and capture their portraits again and again! I’m almost positive that they will princess themed to which makes me so excited !Princess newborn session newborn photography baby girl newborn portraits with big brother natural light newborn photography in dads hands newborn photography baby girl smile newborn photography with parents newborn photography portrait with dad mama and new baby portraits black and white newborn portraits natural light mom with babayvalentines newborn portraits

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