Meet Finley | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

Meet Finley | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

I cannot even tell you how excited I was for Sweet Baby Finley’s Newborn session. I mean, I get excited over every single Newborn session that I shoot but this one… well it was extra special. You see, I met Finley’s Parents quite a few years ago for their Engagement session, and instantly loved them. They were a super sweet very attractive couple who were so in love with each other. Fast forward a few years and I was shooting their dreamy outdoor wedding at a vineyard that had wait for it….. Food trucks. I can’t tell you how many times I told my wedding team that day ” I cannot wait until these two start having babies, I just can’t” …… well that brings us to more recently, after shooting a gorgeous in home Maternity session for these two about 6 weeks ago, and then receiving the call that this sweet boy… who by the way really, really enjoyed his home tucked away inside his mama because he stayed in there a little bit past his due date…… had been born!!!  For being 42 weeks pregnant she was still insanely beautiful!!! I headed up to the hospital to photograph their fresh 48 session which was such a tender moment of laughter and tears, and so much thankfulness for this darling little boy!

Then it was time for his Newborn session. Fin will be traveling very soon as traveling is just a way of life for his parents who just about this time last year were on an African Safari or maybe it was that they were sipping wine in Santorini either way, these two love traveling and so I cannot wait to hear all about Finleys first travels and his life as a jet set baby!

Meet Finley | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

Sarah Michele Photography specializes in Newborn, Child, and Family Photography in the Annapolis Maryland and surrounding area.

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  • Liza - Oh so funny, I know another little boy who looks just like him whose name is Fin! These are absolutely precious and Annapolis is so lucky to have a newborn photographer as talented as you.ReplyCancel

  • Sharee - My ovaries can’t even handle a single one of your blog posts. You are such a talented Annapolis Newborn Photographer! If I ever have another little I would seriously fly you here to Colorado just to take pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea Padgett - These newborn photos are just precious. I love the way you styled them. It’s so great to be able to connect with a client on a more personal level. I’m sure they are so appreciative of talent and capturing these precious moments.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Holladay - Welcome to the world, sweet little Finley! These images are gorgeous, and I love the way you incorporated the family. Annapolis is so blessed to have you as a newborn photographer. Gorgeous work!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Scott - This newborn photography session in Annapolis is so precious! Love how you captured them as a new family! So sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Lacey Fincher - These are all so adorable! I love that you were able to capture so many meaningful events for this sweet family and how fun that you were able to incorporate their love of travel into the photos.ReplyCancel

  • Shuttertreasure - Absolutely beautiful family, you did a great job capturing the intimacy between the parents and the child.ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa Bouma - I just love that youve gotten to follow this couple through so many important life moments! Finley is precious and you did a great job with his newborn portraits.ReplyCancel

  • Emily Moore - What a sweetie! I love the travel theme for this newborn session <3 Especially the one where he is on the suitcase with the globe — that one's my favorite! Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

  • Hilary - I love newborn sessions, they’re always my favorite. You’re a very talented Annapolis Newborn Photographer! I loved you captured his little umbilical cord – great memoryReplyCancel

  • Kym - Aww I love newborn photos, I need to get better at them.. you did amazingReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - How precious is sweet little Fin. I love creativity within these photos that tells his story. Amazing newborn photography!!ReplyCancel

  • Taylor - These are gorgeous! I love the diversity in settings you have for these baby portraits. And the history you have with this family is so rad! <3ReplyCancel

  • Minh - You’re such a talented newborn photographer! I’m in love with all these images. I have a friend in Annapolis looking for a photographer.ReplyCancel

  • Jess - How amazing that you were able to follow and capture so many huge moments in their life story! I hope that you are able to wach this little one grow over time as well.ReplyCancel

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