Meet Addison | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

Meet Addison | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

This sweet baby girl came to visit me last week in between Christmas and New Years, and oh what a doll she was! I had the opportunity of meeting her family a few year back when they had their first daughter Kaylee and I photographed her through an incredibly outreach that I volunteer for called the Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic, a place providing hope, help, and options to women facing unplanned pregnancy. Their offices have many services including ultrasounds, which is actually where I would sneak from time to time to get a new ultrasound of my sweet Lakeleigh when I was pregnant with her. Their offices are clean and the staff are the sweetest people you will ever meet. A few years later I got to photograph Kaylee again but this time was at her grandmothers incredibly beautiful wedding at the Governor Calvert house in Downtown Annapolis Maryland.

When I heard they were expecting their next baby I was beyond thrilled for them, especially when I found out I would have the opportunity to photograph this sweet little miracle. They brought both girls into the studio and they both did fantastic. New baby girl Addison was mostly mean mugging me the entire time, with her heavily furrowed brow, but… in between she cracked a few of the most beautiful smiles that we were able to capture. The girls together will always be my favorite poses as a girl mom of two girls that have an incredible sister bond this always melts my heart!

Shortly before we were done, we were able to convince mama to get in a shot with her girls. She wasn’t planning on it, but like I tell all moms…. if you dont like it you can always delete it, but I bet that wont happen. Oh my am I glad we did because that turned out as one of my favorites!

Congratulations Norman Family, both of your girls are adorable, and your family so beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to capture this sweet time in your lives!

Meet Addison | Annapolis Newborn Photographer

Sarah Michele photography specializes in Newborn, Family, and Childrens photography in the Annapolis Maryland and surrounding area.


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