A peek inside of how we met. | Annapolis Wedding photographer

A peek inside of how we met. | Annapolis Wedding photographer


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Now that Kyle ” Mr. SMP” has come on board full time with me, and will be so much more involved now, especially with wedding clients, I thought it only fair to share a little bit about our story. We are always asking our clients how they met, their proposal story, what they love most about each other, so here are some of those answers about us!

Kyle and I met in college in 2004. We were both attending a college in the cold, snowy parts of upstate New York. Sidenote, if you are not a winter gal, do yourself a favor and go south for college because to a girl who enjoys flip flops year round… 107″ inches of snow is the most depressing thing ever. Funny thing is… we grew up in the same town, literally 10 minutes away from each other but had never met until college. I knew his name and knew of him, we kept some of the same friends, but had never really met… I think we even attended a few of the same events in high school… crazy right? So, needless to say I knew he was going to be there and of course knew I would met him but really had no intentions beyond that. I actually left for college while in another relationship.. one that didnt last …. thankfully! College was hard for me, I was VERY close with my family, and being 7 hours away from them not able to just take a quick ride over for dinner was quite a different world. I was and still am very close with my mother, so it all was a bit of a shock to me…. and clearly to her too since my phone hardly stopped alerting me of calls, missed calls, text messages and voice mails from her 🙂

We (Kyle and I ) Met during Welcome weekend assembly… basically a pep rally, with food and I think some co-ed sport competitions… honestly I wasnt to interested in the whole thing since I wasn’t there to meet Mr. Wonderful like many of the other gals…… or so I thought! But, Being the social butterfly that I am, I still made sure I met everyone and tried to create some connections. So, I met him, we figured out who our mutual friends were, where we grew up and I think he offered me a ride home with him over Thanksgiving break … If I needed one.. which I quickly turned down…You see, normally I wouldnt have turned down such a nice offer, and a 7 hour road trip with friends could always be fun, and shoot saving gas money to a college student is golden….. but, I didn’t really love his personality. He was a little bit older then us, not fresh out of high school… he had already completed community college and he let us know it. He was cocky, and worked alot of hours prior to coming to college so his pockets werent empty, annnnnnnd he had a car, which is a luxury for a freshman in college to have a car on campus. Needless to say, we met and then really didnt talk too much for the few weeks after school started. I will be honest though, I’d be lying if I didnt say I kept my eye on him.. something about the overly confident attitude.. read as cocky attitude…. was a bit intriguing. However, I was too busy having a great time with dorm life, and I still had an interest back home or so I thought….

As school continued, Kyle started showing up in my circles more, he would ask about my current Boyfriend at the time, he would ask about so many things, and began showing up at different events I was at. I still was doing my own thing not really interested, I flew home for thanksgiving break… you know the one he offered me a ride home for… and while I was home decided that the relationship I was in sort of dissolved, I saw it coming, and really wasnt terribly upset over it, I mean long distance stuff is hard.. and I really was more interested in enjoying college life, and having a blast with all of the fun things that brought about. I flew back to school, and the friend who was going to pick me up from the airport hadnt gotten back to campus in time, so I tried everyone else I could think of but either they werent yet back, were also flying in or didnt have a car….. this was 13 years ago Uber was really a thing then. That only left me with option… to call Kyle…. so I did, and it went something like ” I know I told you that I really didnt need a ride this week but turns out that I do any chance you could just pick me up from the airport, I will give you gas money”. I’m pretty sure you know where this is going….. he showed up, asked how my break was and something along the lines of if I saw my boyfriend… when I mentioned we had broken things off…… well, he took that as an opportunity and ran with it……. He asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat at the ever so popular among college students “Pita Pit”…. its like subway but with Pita pockets, and then suggested that since nothing was going on at school except for more snow, the other students were going to the movies we should go join them….. it just so happened the other students went to the “other” theater, and we went to the wrong one….. needless to say we had an evening full of great conversation, a quick bite to eat and then a movie….. it was actually fun… except that over confident attitude kept on shining through, Im pretty sure I rolled my eyes at at least a dozen times. As fate would have it, that dinner date turned into a few more, and then by Christmas break we were driving back together, he dropped me off at my house, and we met up a few times.

I honestly wish I could tell you about a “moment” or a turning point but it really just sort of happened, I started seeing him as more then just a college friend. I think it was that he was always “there” when you needed. I ran out of money for gas, got super sick and needed a ride to the hospital, got a flat tire, ended up super lost and couldnt get out of the city, got a speeding ticket and had no clue how to handle that all out of state…. for each of those things he always showed up, he was always there, he changed my tire, he pushed my car out of huge snowpile when I hit a patch of black ice and got stuck, he lent me money when I ran out.. because when you are in college shopping always seems more important then food or gas. I had no idea then, that he was that interested in me, and began to care about me early on and was turning down other things to “show up” in all those cases that I needed someone or needed help. It was in the moment that I got super sick with some flu that was going around.. swine flue, bird flu.. somebodys flu that he seemed to drop all of his “plans” and make sure I had everything that I needed, medications, gatorade, whatever it was he took care of it. Suddenly, I noticed him totally differently I saw him in a different light. We were pretty much smitten after that, we did everything together..  College was still one of fondest memories, the friendships made, the adventures, the fun experiences I loved my time at college… and finding my husband there was quite a bonus too….

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We ended up engaged in 2006, married 11 months later in 2007….. sadly before the was pinterest…. so I think I need a wedding do over…. and had our first baby in 2010. Kyle is my best friend, my other half, now my business partner….. and the funny thing is…… the very thing I really didnt love about him when I first met him… his sometimes cocky attitude, and his personality…. are the two things I really love about him now….. it’s funny how that happens, its funny how fate happens… but I’m so glad how it happens!! We just celebrated our 10th wedding Anniversary….. How on earth does that even happen… one day you are dreaming of wedding dresses and the next you have been married for 10 years! Marriage can be tough sometimes, with two busy careers, two children, and lots in between but when you work hard at it, and try to always consider the other person, their feelings, and needs, it somehow works.. and can be pretty incredible. I am so thankful for this man that I have been blessed to call my husband, and the father of my children. We have had some pretty incredible adventures, while also enduring some pretty hard times as well, I have always been thankful to have him by my side.

Learning how to endure the hard times, and celebrate the good times as a couple, and putting our marriage first by carving out time just to grow our relationship has been something incredibly important to us. This has also fueled our passion for seeing other relationships and marriages thrive and grow! This is something that we tell our wedding couples, we don’t just want to show up and photograph your wedding day, we want to get to know you, support you, and pray for your marriage…. healthy, strong marriages are important…. and we wish that for all of our clients, and couples. It’s important to us to see you succeed, and we want to be there to celebrate you as you do just that! We dont want our relationship with our couples to end after their wedding day…. in fact we would be sad if it does. We enjoy keeping in touch them them, meeting up with them, photographing them again as their families grow. The SMP wedding community has such a big part of our hearts, and we cannot wait to meet all of the incredible couples that have booked for 2017 and 2018! We look forward to hearing how you all met as well!

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and Pssssss It’s my birthday weekend, and almost a full month since Kyle has joined SMP full time with me, sooooo we are going to run a special little Wedding Sale this weekend only…. Book your wedding package with us and receive a special gift from us… a $500 value!! Email us today to chat about your wedding sarah@sarahmichelephotography.com

A peek inside of how we met. | Annapolis Wedding photographer


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