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Lately I have been struggling with cell phone usage again. A while back I posted about it here where I started putting down the phone more, and I think I was doing really good at it, but running a business, with a team, and clients, followers, a busy inbox.. sometimes its really hard to put it down as much as I should. So, I recently installed an app called ” Moment” that tracks all of my cell phone usage, down to the minute, and even lets me know how much or less time I was on my phone today rather then yesterday. Some of you may be scared to track your usage and at first I was too, but now I use the app as a gauge to remind me to put it down more.

cell phone usage


When we go out to eat, I leave it in the car… and I try to put it down as much as I can outside of that.. I do use it to take photos of the the girls, and to update things, and post photos, but even that could be brought down a bit more. As I posted about last time, I dont ever want my girls to be looking for me, for my approval, and only see my face in my phone. I want to spend more summer nights outdoors running through sprinklers with my babies, and roasting smores on the fire, and building forts, and drawing with chalk…. and less time on my phone… ┬áSo, heres to a new month of putting the phone down and being more present.. in the moment!

Don’t forget though… when we are out I use my phone as my quick go to camera so that I can upload them to instagram since that is where I have my account attached my chat books account. Have you ever heard of chatbooks? It’s an incredible program especially for busy moms that will catalog your images and print them right into tiny books for you, then they show up in your mailbox with no extra work on your part. I love it, we are very busy and always doing something new or on an adventure with the girls, so I take lots of phone photos and then upload them to our family account which you can follow here, and then every 60 photos and chatbooks prints and delivers for less then $10!!! You have got to check it out…

(This is not a sponsored post, just sharing one of our tips for documenting and printing memories)

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  • Anel - All great tips! I have been working on staying off my phone too. I think it’s something we all struggle with. I will check out that app. Thanks for sharingReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Yes! This is definitely something we all can remember and great tips to try and put it down and focus on the present.ReplyCancel

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