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Meet Emily Paige | Annapolis Newborn Photographer Sweet Emily Paige arrived a bit before schedule, but I know her moma was thrilled to welcome her and not have to wait any longer. She is a sweet, sweet baby with the most fantastic little pouty lip, and fair skin. Emily Paige was a very alert baby […]

  • Beth - Sarah, you are such an amazing newborn photographer! I understand now why your name keeps popping up in my Annapolis mommy FB groups! Your work is gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Elle - Aww, these are such adorable newborn photos! <3ReplyCancel

  • Anel - You did such a great job! I wouldn’t have known that she fought the sleep. i love how effortless you make it seem, it’s what makes you the best newborn photographer in Annapolis.ReplyCancel

Meet Audrey | Annapolis Newborn Photographer This tiny little gal completely stole my heart….. I mean all the newborns that come into the studio do a good job at that, but sweet Audrey just had a way about her…. her tiny bottom lip curls up and I could just swoon. She was a precious as […]

  • Lynsey Schweizer - Ahhhh Baby Audrey is so adorable. This is such a lovely session. You are a great Annapolis Newborn Photographer!!ReplyCancel

  • Sharee Davenport - Oh my goodness, these newborn photos are so sweet. The one with the bunny just killed me it’s so cute! You are such a talented Annapolis Newborn PhotographerReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Sweet baby. They are all so adorable at this age. I’m sure their parent are glad they chose you as their Annapolis Newborn Photographer.ReplyCancel

  • Kerlyn Van Gelder - Oh these are just the absolute sweetest! Annapolis is so lucky to have such an amazing newborn photographer like you!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Williams - AWWW! I love the pinks in the session! You did such a beautiful job styling this newborn photoshoot. Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

  • Valerie - Your style is so timeless and beautiful! I love that you are an Annapolis newborn photogrpaher because you are so close to me!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - What a lovely session with a sweet girl. She is so doted upon. Definitely a great pick for a Annapolis Newborn Photographe.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Johnson - What a CUTIE!! These shots are gorgeous, I bet this family is so happy they chose you to be their Annapolis Newborn Photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Hinds - She is so precious! I’m in love with her perfect little feet and her back wrinkles. Beautiful work! This family is so luck to have found such a wonderful Annapolis newborn photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Misty - What a sweet, precious girl! I love her little lace trousers!!ReplyCancel

  • Jasmine - Every shot is frame-worthy—I’d want each one in my home. So many great moments. What a great way to show off your annapolis newborn photography.ReplyCancel

  • Brie - These are absolutely precious! I love coming and reading your blog! You are the best Annapolis Newborn Photographer that I’ve ever seen!ReplyCancel

Annapolis Newborn Photographer | Sloan turns ONE This session one was one of my favorites, I LOVED photographing sweet Sloan for her first birthday portraits… Not only because she and her big sister Arden were and always are ridiculously adorable, and not only because her mama is a sweet friend of mine, and not only […]

  • Gabrielle - little Sloan and Arden are such cuties!! I love how girlie the backdrops and the smash cake is!! If I lived close by, you would be my Annapolis Newborn Photographer for sure!ReplyCancel

  • Gina - aww what a little cutie! Love these cake smash sessions, such great memories for parents and baby alike!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Wow! Your photos are beautiful. You are an amazing Annapolis Newborn Photographer! How lucky they are to have you. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jiyeon - This is such a cute session. Annapolis is lucky to have you!ReplyCancel

  • Valerie - Your photos are so perfect! I’ve been looking for an Annapolis newborn photogrpaher!ReplyCancel

  • Dee H. - So sweet! I need to try the glitter shots in the end too! Really cool shots!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Olson - Wow I love this session so much! You did a great job getting natural interaction between them. Annapolis is blessed to have you to photograph their newborns and little ones!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Outlaw - Oh my goodness! These are absolutely stunning. These two gorgeous are beyond adorable. You are an amazing Annapolis Newborn Photographer.ReplyCancel

  • Alice L - Oh my goodness their outfits are so adorable. Sloan looks so happy in all her photos. I love newborn photographs.ReplyCancel

  • Alissa - Love these photos!! They are so sweet and you’re an incredible newborn photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Jasmine - What adorable teeny tinies! Those final glitter shots are amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Winnie - Love her little tiara and the adorable cake! Annapolis is lucky to have you as a newborn photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Johnson - What a beautiful session! I love the glitter shots! You’re an amazing Annapolis Newborn Photographer!ReplyCancel

Annapolis Newborn Photographer | Meet Victoria K I am pretty sure that Victoria is name of the year for sweet baby girls, at least around the SMP studio it is! I have photographed so many baby Victorias this year. I absolutely when older classic names are brought back again, Like Victoria, Eleanor, Sylvia, Mildred, Ive […]

  • Amanda - OMG I love squishy baby pics!! Annapolis is lucky to have you as a newborn photographer!ReplyCancel

Annapolis Newborn Photographer | Nursing Sessions Back by popular demand… I will be offering Breastfeeding mini sessions, they will be called “Nurturing mama mini sessions”. They will be open to mamas with babies regardless if they nurse or not. You see, while I understand the nutritional, and physiological benefits of nursing and in fact breastfeed […]

  • Anel - I am a sucker for nursing photos! Love that you are offering these to your clients in Annapolis and that you are including bottle feeding and breastfeeding mamas. This is why you are my favorite newborn photographer, because you are so real and believe in not excluding anyone from being able to have beautiful portraits. Love your work and can’t wait to see more from your nursing sessions!ReplyCancel

  • Liza - Oh my goodness these sessions are absolutely beautiful!! What a wonderful idea. 🙂 If I lived near Annapolis I would absolutely hire you as our newborn photographer and for one of these nursing sessions! Love.ReplyCancel

  • Valerie - Oh my goodness these willl all be so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Tiara - I am loving this! I definitely find such a great bond when mama is feeding their little, whether it’s breast or formula <3ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn - Oh my goodness these nursing sessions are absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous work!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Your photos are so beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Sharee Davenport - You’re one of my favorite Annapolis newborn photographers! These are so sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Aida - What a great memory for mother and child! I love this!ReplyCancel

  • Mercedes - The lighting in these is stunning. I have to echo what someone said earlier: it’s a wonderful capture of early motherhood.ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa Bouma - I love this idea! I can’t wait to refer you to some of my past brides to be their Annapolis Newborn photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Jo - This looks like a great intimate portrait of early motherhood!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - I would absolutely love to do a session like this if I had a newborn! So beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Jess - I love this soft and beautiful natural lighting. These sessions will be lovely!ReplyCancel

  • Madeline Kelly - These images are so beautiful…The naturally lit rooms and the bond between a mother and her child is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


  • Idowed - This is beautiful. Great opportunity for moms to capture memoriesReplyCancel

  • Jasmine - SO much tenderness here!ReplyCancel