Annapolis Newborn Photographer | why Fresh 48

Annapolis Newborn Photographer | why Fresh 48

Why Birth Photography? Why Fresh 48 sessions? Why not just have a family member take the photos in the hospital?

These are often questions that clients ask themselves, along with do I really need a hospital session, should I spend the money?

I am here not only as your photographer but also as a mama of two to help you understand how important bringing your photographer to the hospital can be, and why it’s not about spending money, rather about making an investment into memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48

Think with me for a moment, you are in the delivery room, this sweet baby has now made it onto your chest, you are soaking up the goodness of this new human you created. YOu are so full of so many emotions. They now wheel you into your recovery room where you will spend the next 2 to 4 days of your new baby, your new family’s life. This is a huge part of your journey, of your story and it should be remembered. I can tell you not only as a former nurse but as a mama, and a newborn photographer.. that newborn only looks like a newborn for a very short time, the fresh new skin, the matted down hair, the scrunched up face. They just got here and they look like, and you want to soak it all in, you want to smell them, and hear their sounds, you want to meld into one as they fall asleep on you every few hours. This is the last place you want to be thinking about who will take the photos, HOW they will take the photos, and what nurse can we ask so we can all be in them as a family.

Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48

Maybe you ask yourself, WHY you will want these memories, why wouldnt we just want the Professional studio newborn portraits. Because those moments, the ones you are living after a totally momentous occasion one in which you used every last ounce of energy in your being, after being awake for 24 or 36 hours straight even, where you felt a new level of pain, fear, excitement, and love you didnt even know existed…. this TIME, these moments go by like a blur, and months, years down the road as you send that baby off on the bus to kindergarten you are going to want to recall all of it, you are going to want to remember the little details that sadly your mind may fail you on because its purely exhausting.


Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48

These sessions allow you to relax and not worry about a family member getting the photos, or having them only be lower quality cell phone images, or not having any at all.. this session will be your keepsake, a time capsule of your life during the first moments as a mama to this sweet baby, and hospital life if you will. These images can NEVER be recreated, remade, or photographed later, and if you forget the events… you just forget them, they are gone.

Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48

Some may choose to have a Birth Photographer present for the entire events, I used to provide these services and no longer do for many different reasons, one of them being hospital policies becomes that which creates a place not open for actual delivery images. Scheduling a Fresh 48 session is a session that can happen at any time during your hospital stay to capture the newness of your baby along with many firsts, first few nursing sessions, maybe first bath, first time meeting siblings or family members, first time really opening eyes and being alert. The first sweet cries, and deep breaths taken on mama’s chest… the images you want to remember for a lifetime.

Annapolis Newborn Photographer | why Fresh 48

View Fresh 48 slideshow HERE

Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48Annapolis Newborn Photographer Fresh 48

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  • Lauryn - I love that as a newborn photographer you also do fresh 48 sessions! Will you go to any hospital in Annapolis?ReplyCancel

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  • Brie - Fresh 48 sessions are always so gorgeous! You are the most talented Annapolis Newborn Photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Elle - Such good reasons to do a fresh 48! Annapolis women–listen up! Sarah is your newborn photographer! Your images are truly stunning, Sarah, and really represent the journey women go through giving birth. I love your work <3ReplyCancel

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  • Susan - This is such great advice from an amazing newborn photographer. I wish someone had told me this when I was pregnant and expecting parents in Annapolis are lucky to have this advice!ReplyCancel

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