A husband and wife photography team | Annapolis Wedding Photographer

A husband and wife photography team | Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Some of the SMP Brides already have known about this new change, but now its time to share it with everyone. As many of you know, my husband Kyle has been working with me for a while now just here and there, he handles a lot of office stuff, and scheduling, and sometimes even replies to emails. He assists on some shoots, and does an incredible job of serving my clients. He comes along with me on different events, and shoots, and meetings as his schedule would allow. He worked a much more then full time job, with a swing shift schedule as a police officer and as you all read in my prior post….. you can catch up HERE….. he is about to retire, and ….. Insert HUGE smiley face, and maybe a teeny bit of doing the happy dance… on my part….. he is going to be joining me full time!!!!!

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You must know, it was him from the start who supported me, and gave me the push I needed to launch SMP, and for it to become my full time business. I remember sitting on the couch one night, with a brand new baby, not wanting to return to my nursing career at the hospital, and telling him how much passion I had to turn this hobby I had into something more, I wanted the opportunity to make a difference in people lives, not in the way I did as a nurse but in the way that would allow me more then just one interaction with these people, that would allow me to create lifelong relationships, and to support new couples in cultivate strong marriages, to support the new moms who bring me their newborns and to get to know them, and develop a community within my clients. I remember him looking me in the eye and saying ” You need to go where your heart is leading you, and I wont be the one to get in the way, you tell me what you need and I will fully support you, and if you fail.. but I bet you wont.. but if you do.. at least you failed at something you were passionate about, and something you loved”. THIS MAN… he is incredible… Had I known then, we would come to this nearly 7 years later…..and to see what SMP has grown into from where it started, and the community that has been built.. I am humbled, and grateful, and so full of hope for the future.

so, back to my announcement… You guys, THIS is so exciting!! I have learned over the past 18ish months that life has a way of changing, and surprising you, and evolving into something you never even expected… And, well… that brings us to here!!! After the past 10 years of hardly ever seeing my husband, this is a very unexpected change, but I couldn’t be more happier. Therefore… we are now launching into a full time Husband and wife team. So what does that mean for SMP? Well, many things wont change, and some things will change completely!! Portrait sessions, and studio sessions will go on as they always have with the same exciting SMP portrait experience you have come to know and love, not much will change there… but what will change is on the office end of things, having an additional person on staff, in the office with me,  turn around times will get faster, productivity will increase, and things will run even better then they have before. He has been working with me and shooting with me for years, and I have gotten to…. Train him exactly how I want…. teach how how to shoot in manual, and to mirror his shooting style with mine! In fact, he Has captured some of my most favorite portraits to date… including this one.. Annapolis wedding Photographer

On the Wedding side of things… BIG changes… As an Annapolis Wedding Photographer… and well and All area wedding photographer, I will no longer be showing up as just the SMP girls.. but our team will be growing… Kyle and I will become a husband and wife wedding team, AND you guys are gonna love him… this will allow us even more flexibility in our timelines.
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We will still have some of the SMP girls on the team that were there before, but I am so so so excited to work with my best friend. The other incredible aspect of this, is, It will better allow us to serve our clients, our brides and grooms on our wedding days. We will be able to get to know them as a couple…Grooms, if you love NFL, Prison Break, the O’s, or enjoy talking about your new ink…. you guys are gonna get along great, and then be there together to share on their wedding day as we serve them in the best way possible. Kyle will be my lead second shooter (second photographer) and he will double as my go to man. If you have seen us work together in the past you will know that we are a great team, I love every chance I get to work with him. Will it be a bit of a learning curve, absolutely… we have to learn how to work together all the time now, not just now and then, but he already knows so much of my business it will be the biggest blessing, and together we will get the chance to grow SMP!

On the workshop side of things….. BIG changes…. together…. (ahh I love it) together we are working on some incredible workshops coming up that we will be able to present to our attendees as a team, my husband is so eager to get to know you all, and serve you all at these events to make them an even greater success then in the past… Speaking of that, if you are eagerly awaiting the details of the upcoming workshop they are about to come out.. make sure you sign up for the email with early access…. email me quick to get on there if you are not already 

On the Travel side of things…. BIG changes…. yep, you heard it… after taking an extended break while going through fertility treatments, and welcoming our newest little love… we will soon be opening SMP back up to accepting SMP brides with a destination wedding… and we will be coming together… So, if you’re a bride and you are not in Maryland, or you are planning a destination wedding, lets chat….

This change is going to be incredible, for us, as well as you OUR clients, as we create an even better portrait and wedding experience for you, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

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